He Shows by Example that Even Infancy Is Prone to Sin.
“Hear, O God. Alas, for man’s sin! So saith man, and Thou pitiest him; for Thou madest him, but sin in him Thou madest not. Who remindeth me of the sins of my infancy? For in Thy sight none is pure from sin, not even the infant whose life is but a day upon the earth. Who remindeth me? Doth not each little infant, in whom I see what of myself I remember not?… But if I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me, where, I beseech Thee, O my God, where, Lord, or when, was I Thy servant guiltless? But, lo! That period I pass by; and what have I now to do with that, of which I can recall no vestige?” (Augustine of Hippo, “The Confessions of Hippo,”Book One, Chapter Seven) One of Augustine’s biggest contributions to the Christian church was his acute awareness of his sin and God’s Grace. He new very well that he was conceived in sin. He knew also, with the same passion, that God was not the author of it. This, my friend, is a very important teaching from the Bible. On the one hand, man is sinful to the core of his being; on the other, God cannot be faulted for the sin of man. Yet, sin and evil co-exist. This, my friend, is the truth. No one can ever say that God is neither the author nor the originator of sin, albeit, He created all things. In His omniscience He knows the why’s and how’s of the purpose of all this. We are to believe this and not to doubt or even question God’s purposes. Augustine was fully aware of this seemingly theological dilemma. However, Augustine declared the wonderful truth that God cannot be accused of unfairness when he finds us guilty of sin even though he created all things. God is Holy and cannot even look at sin much less be the author. Please understand, my friend and beloved, that you and I are bound by sin unless we have received his pardon. Unless you and me acknowledge, repent, and turn from sin and believe in His Son, we are forever doomed to an eternity separated from His presence and His everlasting love. If you have not come to know Jesus as your Lord and savior, please don’t wait much longer. Your time is short! Your heart continues to harden! Do it now. “Now is the acceptable time of salvation.”