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To Cuss or not to Cuss

by Admin

The topic this next Sunday on our “Christian Liberty” series will be the last one. Yes, we are completing this series! However, this last topic is yet another confusing one. “To Cuss or not to Cuss” will be the topic. In other words, we will be exploring what are those words that are just debated […]

Shallow Preaching begets shallow People

by Admin

“I’ve watched congregations get healthy and grow closer together under the faithful teaching of the Scriptures. I’ve also watched congregations drift and die as the pulpit became shallow, trendy, and biblically weak.” Chuck Swindoll, Dallas Connection, Autumn, 1997 (Vol.5, No.2) as quoted by Dr Richard Grubbs in IFCA, Voice Magazine, Theology to Doxology: Forging the […]