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Summer book reading list, my recommendations

by Walter

Dear church family, I am giving you this reading list so that your summer may be filled with a memorable thought provoking, heart warming, and glorious time savoring and fostering thoughts of God, the gospel, and Christ. These books I highly recommend; some will be oldies and some new. A little of both, as well as a […]

Holiness is not a luxury, it is a necessity

by Admin

“I have a deep conviction for many years that practical holiness and entire self-consecrationto God are not sufficiently attended to by modern Christians in this country. Politics, or controversy, or party spirit, or worldliness, have eaten out the heart of lively piety in too many of us. The subject of personal godliness has fallen sadly […]

Be Holy for I am Holy

by Admin

“Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abiju took their censures, put fire in them and added incense: and they offered unauthorized fire before the Lord, contrary to his command. So fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord…” “All Nadab and Abiju did was offer some ‘strange […]