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God, Creator and Ruler

by Admin

Passages: Genesis 1:1, John 1:1-3, Hebrews 11:3, 6 “We might even put the creation theology this way: to create is to own, to own is to possess inherent rights to rule, and to rule manifests God’s absolute claims upon the whole of what he has made…Therefore, his rulership rights are universal, absolute, uncontested, and uncontestable. […]

Your Will or The Sovereignty of God? To those I cc’d to encourage

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This is a perfect example of the debate between God’s Sovereignty and human responsibility (or man’s will)! In fact, the writer (all see below book and excerpt from the book) from the outset assumes free-will! In other words, our wills are they to be understood as absolutely free or are they to be understood as […]

How did catholic priests come up with the idea of not being married? It was obviously something they chose themselves but for what?….less of a temptation and more unity with God?

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There are various reasons why Catholic priests and the Roman Catholic church chose to require priests to be celibate. But, for the sake of brevity there are secular (historical factors) and supposed sacred reasons. You are correct in stating that there seems to be a misleading idea that you can be more spiritual and therefore […]

Recommended Reading, Discipleship for a lifetime

by Walter

This list is always changing so check back periodically for new listings. STUDY BIBLES John MacArthur Study Bible (NKJV) John MacArthur BIBLE COMMENTARIES The Bible Knowledge Commentary (2 Vols.) Walvoord & Zuck SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY Evangelical Theology (Introductory) Robert Lightner Introducing Christian Doctrine (Intermediate) Millard Erickson Christian Theology (Advanced) Millard Erickson LIVING THE CHRISTIAN LIFE The Pursuit […]