“A clear understanding that success in evangelism is a result of God’s initiating grace frees the evangelist from fear of rejection by others. Indeed evangelism is impossible without grace, for grace is what frees nonbelievers from their enslavement to sin.” This same author says elsewhere… “much evangelism training focuses on me-centered techniques and a reshaped gospel emphasizing only “what’s in it for me.” God-centeredness is the basis for the grace that saves people. Without grace-full God-centeredness, evangelism will evolve into nice people being nice to other people in hopes that they will be nice to God, a compromised gospel with a mild God who exists to benefit me. The results in nice “Christians” who are unconverted, not knowing the joy of forgiving and empowering grace, and unready to meet God on that final day.” (Will Metzger, “Tell the Truth,” p.11)

As a church, we have been going out into the community on a door to door basis since April. Door to door evangelism is what we call it. Evangelism was one of those “Christian” things to do but rarely done. That’s how we saw it. Therefore, we said to ourselves that we cannot bare the mark of an unfruitful disciple anymore. We must not give evangelism lip-service anymore. We must discipline ourselves in obedience to the “Great Commission.” Making disciples is not an option anymore but a duty and a delight. Sharing our faith has now become a habit. We intend to continue until our Lord’s return. The writer above is right, however, that our evangelism in order to be biblical, must bare the mark of a “grace-full” and “God-centeredness.” This means that we must center our attention on “sovereign grace.” This means we must relax and be bold in presenting the truths of the gospel without fear of rejection because God indeed will draw those he chose to salvation. This was a reality to me this week as I approached one gentleman who, with a Catholic background, had very skewed views of the Bible. Not to mention, his much skewed views of his sinful condition and an All-Powerful God. This encounter once again led me to confirm the very thing we have been discussing thus far. I must depend on God to be the one to reveal the truth of the gospel to blind eyes. This gentleman really couldn’t even begin to hear the message because he was steeped in his unbelief. He was blind and his stony heart did not allow him to see the glorious gospel. He needs “sovereign grace.” “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me,” this, my friend, is what he needs. “Sola Gratia” was the reformers battle cry and it should be our battle cry also. Sound of the battle cry and go and make disciples!