“Sinners need righteousness to stand before God. That is why it is being ‘pursued’ by Israel. That much they got right. But whose righteousness will suffice? The declaration of righteousness before God, called justification, does not rest on a fiction. There is real righteousness as the basis of it. But as sinners we will never be able to provide ‘our own righteousness (Phil. 3:9; Rom.10:3). We must ‘attain’ righteousness another way besides doing good works. No good works of any kind will make a fallen person righteous before God. The way appointed by God is ‘by faith,’ and what faith does is connect us to ‘Christ for righteousness. Christ became for us righteousness.” (John Piper,Counted Righteous in Christ, [Crossway Books, 2002] p.90) Today we have a plethora of programs and organizations designed to assist those that want to overcome all kinds of addictions. These programs offer and claim that real change can occur in the lives of those that are suffering from a number of addictions (i.e. alcohol abuse, overeating, drug abuse, etc.). Change in many ways does occur to these, who come out of these programs, and this cannot be denied; however, what change is critical for life?  What change do we need that will make all other changes but insignificant? The change we all need is the life-transforming change of all times. It is a radical change. It is a change from within. It is a thorough and entire change. Anything we pursue in life that is noble, good, philanthropic, altruistic, generous, pious, right apart from the “justifying work of God through faith as the basis of our good works” falls woefully short from true righteousness. That’s the truth! Our good works are like filthy rags—menstrual rag! (Is. 64:6) We can never achieve or attain any level of righteousness with God (MT 19:16-26) on our own. In order for us to be accepted before a Holy God, we must obtain a righteousness that is not our own. This righteousness is an external and alien righteousness that comes from God and Christ. Therefore, when we are justified on the basis of faith and not works we now stand acquitted and righteous before a Holy god that demands nothing more or less than 100% righteousness. This righteousness is perfect obedience. This obedience Christ manifested and secured through his life, and his perfect obedience is imputed to our account on the basis of faith alone. You want change? You want real change? Come to Christ in genuine repentance and faith and you will begin to see a wellspring of new attitudes, thoughts, desires, and goals! Come to the Living Waters!