“Great things are done by the Holy Spirit when a whole church is aroused to sacred energy…Contemplate at the outset the possibility of having a church of soul-winners. Do not succumb to the usual idea that we can only gather a few useful workers, and that the rest of the community must inevitably be a dead weight: it may possibly so happen, but do not set out with that notion or it will be verified…Labor to gather a church alive for Jesus, every member energetic to the full, and the whole in incessant activity for the salvation of men.” (Charles Spurgeon as quoted in Mark Dever, “The Gospel and Personal Evangelism,” Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 2007) p.117 Once again we are confronted with the mighty injunction to evangelize! Now you might be thinking this command is only for the professionals, the evangelists, the pastors, the clergy, the leaders, the others of position of some sort. This may get you off the hook for just a small while. But Spurgeon, as quoted above, did not believe this to be so. He exhorted the pastor to teach about evangelism, to model evangelism, and to encourage others of the congregation to do the same. The problem with many of us, and the church at large, is that we have relegated the mighty commission to evangelize to something or someone else. We have all too often felt the need to do this because of sincere yet erroneous ideas: I don’t know how to share my faith, what if I’m rejected, I get confused with hard questions on the Bible, I usually give my testimony, etc. These are common reasons given from those that do not engage in evangelism. However, this must not be so! We are all commanded to go and disciple. We are all commanded to get out into the harvest field for the field is ripe.  Several tips for improving your evangelism:1. Ask God to show you that importance of the Great Commission through Scripture.2. Pay attention to the messages and the teachings on evangelism.3. Be willing to follow your pastor and leaders as they commit themselves to this sacred task. 4. Be faithful, available, and teachable without which your success will be seriously hindered.5. Ask God to place in your heart and soul a burden, desire, and love for the lost so that you may imitate your Heavenly Father who is in heaven.6. Ask God to help you become more obedient to the evangelistic campaign as set forth in Scripture. 7. Be diligent, fervent, consistent, and content at your God-given efforts.