Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry  by Paul David TrippBelow is a profound statement made by Paul David Tripp from his book “Dangerous Calling.” This quote comes on the heels of a section in his book covering Abraham’s story of living in the tension between God’s promises and our present reality. Abraham was given the promise and did not receive it until 25 years after. This is an overextended waiting for what would, in his eyes, make him fulfilled. We are sometimes grinding at the mill with no final fulfillment but the promise lies ahead for those who have faith. For all of us still waiting to see God work something out in our lives that seems to be an extended course, keep waiting and follow his will in obedience and he will see through your circumstances. We ought to be changing our glories/desires and passions for His. In addition, we ought to be looking not for our comforts and happiness but for God’s wise counsel. Well worth the contemplation.
“Of those who have gathered for worship, there are those distracted by grief, anger, discouragement,  loneliness, envy, frustration, despair,  or hopelessness,  because the glories that they have looked to for their meaning, purpose, and inner happiness have failed them once again. These glories have proven to be more temporary than they thought they would ever be. They have been more elusive than they seemed at a distance.  They have blown up in their faces or dripped like sand through their fingers. And even when they were wonderful to experience, they didn’t, in fact, leave their hearts satisfied. The buzz was short and the satisfaction elusive. So they sit there empty, hurt, angry, and confused.”
“For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth” (2 Corinthians13:8)
 “Porque nada podemos contra la verdad, sino por la verdad.” (2 Corintios 13:8)
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